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Screen mesh for Windows & Doors

We sell a variety of door and window screen mesh for DIY screen projects. You may already have a window or door screen that requires replacement mesh because of damage or wear. If this is the case, it might be wise to upgrade your screen material when you replace your screen mesh. We suggest our Phifer PetScreen® for pets and heavy duty screen projects. Have a glance at our standard fiberglass mesh if your DIY project only needs minimal strength.

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Solar Screen Mesh for screen windows & doors
100 foot roll screen cloth - Phifer

Standard Fiberglass and Aluminum Screen- Standard mesh for normal use. Not meant for pets, heavy duty projects, or optimal sun control.

BetterVue, UltraVue, and No-Seeums - Optimal for insect protection and high visibility. Only standard solar control and not meant for pets or heavy duty use. See-Noumms specialized for small insect protection.

Phifer Solar - Optimal for sun control to stay cool in patios and porches. 70%, 80%, and 90% control options.

PetScreen - Heavy duty screen for pets and heavy duty projects.

The best way to approach any DIY screen project is to think of everything your screen doors or windows will go though and to understand how each screen mesh characteristic will help you accomplish your goal.