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Utility Knife
Base Price $3.00
Economy Screen Roller
Our Price: $3.50
Base Price $6.00
Utility Knife With 2 Baldes

Used for trimming screen cloth

1 Each
Economy plastic screen roller used to screen all products two roller wheels one concave one convex sold by the each Hand Hacksaw for cutting screen frame

1 Each
Hand Riveter Set
Base Price $7.50
Step Drill
Base Price $8.35
Screen Mouse
Our Price: $10.00

Hand Riveter Set

1 Each
Seep Drill for all plunger pins

1 Each
The Screen Mouse Ergonomic Screen Roller Tool

Works with any spline up to .250 Diameter
Spline feeds through roller for quick screen installation
Works great on any screening project
Cuts project time in half
Saves Time and Increases Profit
A combined roller and a knife eliminates the
hassle of using multiple tools to roll screen.
Quick-Change Blades & Rollers
Easy quick-change button for blade replacement.
3 different sized rollers with lifetime sealead
bearings will accomodate a wide variety of spline both
round and flat.
Ergonomically Designed to Reduce Fatigue
Allows for a natural hand/wrist position while
putting the pressure where it belongs, on the
screen spline.
Virtualy Indestructible
Light weight, high impact body and rollers can
support the weight of a truck without being
Excellent Value
The cost of an individual unit is less than you
would pay for a quality knife and rollers if
purchased separately.