Genius Retractable Screens Tips and Tricks


Recess Mount – Measure inside the door frame. Be sure to measure the width and height in several places and record the smallest reading.
Surface Mount – Measure on the exterior of the door frame exactly where you want the door mounted.

Milano Frame Sizing:
  • Top Rail = 7/8” Wide and 1 3/16” Tall
  • Bottom Rail = 7/8” Wide and 5/8” Tall
  • Side Rail with Magnet Width = 1”
  • Cassette Width = 1 3/8”
Sierra Frame Sizing:
  • Top Rail =
  • Bottom Rail = 7/8” Wide and 5/8” Tall
  • Side Rail with Magnet Width = 1”
  • Cassette Width = 1 3/8”

Minimum space requirement for recess mounting is 1 •••”. Cassette would not be flush against frame.

Right Handed vs. Left Handed Install

Stand the full cassette and pull bar in the upright position

The pull bar has two end caps. The tall one should be on the top and the shorter on the bottom.

If it’s reversed, simply remove end caps and replace with pull bar endcaps that can be found in your parts bag.

If your door is having problems opening or closing, your problem is likely screen tension.

If you are having issues getting your screen door to pull fully open, you have too much screen tension.

If your door is having problems retracting back into the cassette, you do not have enough screen tension.

Remove cassette end cap. Let spring unwind gently. Rewind spring by turning end cap 2 full rotations for every 12” of your screen cassette length.

(If your door is 80” tall : 80/12 = 6.66*2 = 13.33) I would recommend 14 rotations.

One end cap of the cassette is attached to the spring and the other is attached to the brake. There is no way to tell which is the spring until you take the end cap off. The brake is orange and the spring is black.

If you remove the end cap attached to the brake, when you reinsert it – make sure the teeth on the orange brake and the teeth on the white bushing are aligned and inserted into the same slot on the screen cloth tube.

The end cap attached to the spring is tightly wound. Use caution when removing it. It will quickly begin to unwind and if it goes too quickly, it might pop your hand. HOLD TIGHTLY. UNWIND GENTLY.

Make sure bushing teeth on the spring are inserted into one of the slots on the screen tube before fitting the cap back on.

If you have a double door, it might be necessary to repeat steps on BOTH cassettes.

For additional information, please look at the Adjusting Spring Tension Troubleshooting Guide.

If the closing magnets do not fully seal

Clean the magnets using mild soap and water.

Check to see if there is hidden debris in the bottom or top track.

Check to make sure screws attaching the side rail are fully inserted and are not interfering with the magnet.

Check to make sure the side rail and pull bar align properly. If they do not, there could be a few issues:
  • Check to see if the side guide rail and cassette are both level. If one is slightly crocked, it could throw off alignment.
  • Check to see if the side guide rail is bowed inward. If so, remove and flex outward.

Check to make sure you have a positive and a negative magnet. The magnet on the side guide rail should have grooves. The magnet on the pull bar should be smooth.